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Generic name for all the sites and features under the domain Typical sites included in Reeseo.Net are as follows:


Copyright © 1999-2005 CHA Reeseo, all rights reserved.

The copyright on this web site itself called “CHA Reeseo’s Personal Web Site” below the domain, almost all the pages posted on this site, and all the elements belonging to each of that pages (‘the Contents’ below) is held by CHA Reeseo. Strictly speaking, unless the content is not written by CHA Reeseo like the articles on the bulletin board systems or the copyright on the content is noticed separately in the body of it, the copyright is automatically reserved to CHA Reeseo. The Contents on which CHA Reeseo holds the copyright can be used as the next permission paragraph says:

Any person obtaining all or part of the Contents or a copy of them may freely read, copy, save and/or print it with the condition that the copyright sentences in the above two paragraph and the permission sentences in this paragraph must be placed as is on each screen (or page) of the Contents or any other appropriate positions without any modifications. With the additional condition that the Contents themselves are not modified from the original source obtained, they can be redistributed or even sold. Furthermore, all other parts of the copy of the Contents except these three paragraphs about copyright and permission can be privately modified, deleted, edited and/or merged with yet another additional condition that the modified Contents will never be redistributed nor sold to others. Even more, all or parts of the Contents may be quoted into the documents or programs having any different copyrights in that the source must be appropriately noticed including the string ‘CHA Reeseo’, and in this case the quoted Contents retain the copyright/permission said in this page. But any one except CHA Reeseo can never remove or modify these three paragraph of copyright/permission, and can never claim any exclusive rights on the Contents to any other person neither, in any ways and conditions.